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My interest in the arts started at an early age. When I was 8 or 9, I immersed myself in drawing iconic figures from the movies I watched, particularly horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. This helped me cope with extensive childhood trauma and served as the launch pad for my artistic endeavors. Over time, my pallet of interest and subjects began to evolve and expand. I began making art. I now had a voice, a way to heal. 
My work was first published in the United Federal Bank calendar when I was 16. I continued my artistic journey all through high school and then eventually into college. I studied painting under Dale Threlkeld at Southwestern Illinois College where I graduated with an Associates of Art degree. I did not continue degree seeking courses at the time due to early successes with my art. I continued my painting education via independent study.  In my early 20s, I became involved in the music and local art scene, featuring my art in music videos, TV and throughout various art galleries in the Greater St. Louis area. 
At age 26, I began working for a gallery located in the Central West End. Since then, I have organized, curated, produced, or participated in many solo/group exhibitions, happenings, and installations. These projects have also featured works of other prominent artists such as Lorretta Swit (popularly known as Hot Lips from the TV show M.A.S.H.), Dale Threlkeld, Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (popularly known for HGTV's Tiny Home Builders) and many more.
I took a pause from painting around 2013 while pursuing a degree in behavioral neuroscience. Also, during this time, I worked in the field of Autism and then most recently for the Suicide Hotline. In 2021, I returned to painting. Currently, I am a resident artist at Artisans In The Loop, in University City and a featured artist at the Grafton Art Gallery in IL. My works can also be found at various galleries, shops, and cafes in the greater St. Louis Area and in private collection nationally. 
-Charles Mooneyham



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